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Not Reporting Cash Income: Cash-Only Businesses

Most businesses earn a modest income, even after-tax payments to the IRS. Still, there are many questions around businesses that conduct sales through a currency-only exchange. In fact, there’s often a heightened curiosity for cash-only type businesses across the United States. Namely, is it legal to accept only cash and what happens when they’re investigated? […]

When does an HOA need a forensic audit?

Homeowner associations (HOA) and condominium associations (CA) are legal entities set up to manage the operations and finances on behalf of the owners. Typically, the management team (administrator) selected to run the HOA or CA is comprised of other homeowners or condo owners. If a lot of thought was put into the selection criteria, then the administrators […]

Fraud starts with lack of ethics

The bright line in ethics Ethics means Ethics is your moral code. Its your values, your sense of right or wrong. Its the principles you live by. However, ethics has degrees based on one’s values and principles. Ethical conduct does not always equate to following the rules. Breaking the law a little is the same […]


Forensic accountants confirm worst suspicions

  When a client voiced strong suspicions that her soon-to-be ex-husband was hiding assets, her attorney investigated the claim but found nothing amiss. However, he hired a forensic accounting expert to help ensure his client would receive an equitable share of the marital estate. The expert turned up a trunkload of hidden treasure — undeclared […]


Myths about the value of your business

Owning a business is hard work and it’s common for business owners to wonder how much their company is worth. Whether you are thinking about selling your business or not, have an offer on the table or are merely curious, there are quite a few misconceptions out there about how to value a business. Here […]


Economic damages in government contracts

  There are 3 important causes of loss profit (or loss fee) litigation in government contracts.  Loss profit calculations are based primarily on a contract and a defined period of time (i.e. contract term). Scope creep, subcontractor disputes, and delays are the most common causes of loss profits/fees when performing work on federal contracts.  All […]


Financial Statement Fraud Red Flags

Over the last several years, the number of cases related to financial statement fraud has experienced a gradual increase. In fact, according to a recent Cornerstone Research report, Accounting Class Action Filings and Settlements—2014 Review and Analysis, shows the SEC has a heightened focus on accounting, with cases involving restatements reaching a 7-year high in […]


Following the Paper Trail for Corporate Fraud

How financial statements reveal corporate fraud The U.S. economy is finally recovering from the effects of the recession, but at least one major financial risk remains — corporate fraud. Fortunately, a CPA certified in financial forensics (CFF) can help companies and investors minimize losses from fraudulent conduct by scrutinizing a business’s financial statements. Fictional finances […]


Hidden Assets in a Business Owner’s Return

Experts look to tax returns in hidden-asset investigations Business owners involved in divorce or engaged in fraudulent activity have plenty of motivation to manipulate their companies’ financial statements for their own ends. Fortunately, for financial experts such as forensic accountants and valuators investigating hidden assets, business tax returns aren’t so easy to misrepresent. In fact, […]